1. To motivate and encourage the establishment of more indigenous mission agencies from among the evangelicals where non exists.

2. To promote sound relationship and cooperation between various mission groups.

3. To provide an avenue where information on missions can be collected and disseminated among members and other Christian agencies.

4. To help one another create a forum for sharing new ideas on missions so as to stimulate, encourage and improve the outreach work of each member body.

5. To establish institutions for research and missionary training and organise missionary conferences, seminars and workshops to raise the level of mission awareness in the country.

6. To assist in leadership and manpower development of member bodies so as to facilitate the empowerment of members for qualitative missionary thrust from Nigeria.

7. To liaise with and maintain good working relations with the Mission Commission of Association of Evangelicals in Africa (A.E.A.), World Evangelical Fellowship (W.E.F.), Third World Missions Association (TWMA) and other international ministries or bodies seeking to avail their ministry potentials to the advantage of the missions movement in Nigeria.

8. To cooperate and work with other national missions movements in other parts of the world

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