Finance & Administration

This department is being charged with the running of the Headquarters operations as well as performing administrative, secretarial, financial, accounting and personnel management functions for the Association.  It is to facilitate the planning and hosting of meetings, trainings and consultations of the Headquarters.

This department will also oversee human resource management, administration, supervision of structural development including assets and project management, finance and accounting roles including evolving and implementing strategies for mobilizing financial resources and partnership for the sustenance of the association’s vision.

This department will function in two units namely Finance and Accounting unit, headed by a competent Finance Secretary and Administration/Personnel Unit, headed by a versatile Administrative Secretary. The departmental head is to primarily supervise these two units heads who co-ordinates the Finance and Personnel Administration respectively.

The National Coordinator for Finance and Admin shall provide overall supervision of this department and relates with the Executive Secretary directly. This arrangement will enable the National Coordinator for Finance and Admin to assume other day-to-day administrative responsibilities on behalf of the Executive Secretary which in turn will free the ES to face other management and long-term ministry issues especially as it relates to the overall growth and efficiency of the Association.

Please feel free to call/email:
Olanihun Adegbite
National Coordinator Finance and Administration Department.