NEMA sponsors a collectiion of networks to expand the influence of the gospel in our culture and beyond. Below is a list of the active initiatives.

Network Name: Nigerian Church and Missions Leaders Forum
Main Thrust:
To create enabling and on-going dialogue and engagement with the Church top hierarchies to ensure an enhanced participation of the Church in the missions movement in Nigeria and to host periodic Summit to restore missions to the front burner of our churches.
Chair Dr. Ademola Ishola:
Associates Dr Wilson Badejo & Dr. Reuben Ezemadu:
Secretary Timothy Olonade:

Network Name: Nigeria Evangelical Missions Institute (NEMI) Board
Main Thrust:
This provides government for the Institute, assist with policy guides for the Principal and the officials. The scope is to cover three specific areas of academic, physical development and general operational thrust of the school.
Chairman – Mike Adegbile:
Principal Peter Boma:

Network Name: Mission Leadership Development Forum
Main Thrust:
To set up a network that will help put in place right strategy for Nigeria missions to best to create access for middle aged Nigerians who are desirous of missions service, help Nigeria Missions Movement think through best ways to harness the leadership potentials of such people and set up strategy overview for funding and developing emerging leaders for Nigeria Missions Movement to take full advantage of their giftedness in missionary service.
Chair Dr. Peter Ozodo:
Secretary Pastor E Odeyemi:

Network Name: Missions Training Standardization Network
Main Thrust:
To set, share ideas, propose and execute multi level training projects and help in the fulfillment of NEMA�s standardization of training programmes in Nigeria, help create quality control agenda for Nigeria Missions Movement; Assist in fashioning out the basic requirement for training for Nigeria going overseas. To pull together such people that can assist in-service training for missionary trainers in Nigeria. To provide measuring yardstick for missionary training programmes in Nigeria and help set up Missionary Training Service.
Chairman- Rev Cannon Bayo Famonure:
Secretary – Rev Peter Boma:

Network Name: National Research Working Group
Main Thrust:
To initiate strategies, conduct training and carry out inter ministry national missions research in with the National Missions Research functions of the association to serve the missions movement in Nigeria; to provide and harness collaborative research efforts and raise fund to implement the Searchlight Project that will serve Nigeria church with information on the state of the harvest. Technical & Resource Development Working Group: A crop of people who will work with our national Research Coordinator to execute this project and source for funds for the project.
Chairman – Prof. Aderinto:
Project coordinator Niyi Gbade:
Secretary – Mike Stonecyopher:

Network Name: Operation Samaria Taskforce
Main Thrust:
This fashions and develops programmes and projects that will enable mission agencies retrain their penetration force to the core north and source for empowerment of all the missionaries working in that region. They are empowered to call consultations, source resources on behalf of NEMA to ensure and raise the level of advocacy required for that area of our missions field.
Chairman – S.D. Garba:
Secretary – Bill Ardill:

Network Name: Tribes Around Lake Chad (TALC) Forum
Main Thrust:
To bring together a group of leaders that will discover, develop and deploy the multi-faceted strategy that takes advantage of numerous agencies working around Lake Chad to comprehensively face all the Tribes around there. They are empowered to call consultations, source resources on behalf of NEMA to ensure that no tribe within 300 miles radius to the Lake is left unattended to and address a unique situation in the north east of Nigeria.
Chairman – Gabriel Barau:
Secretary – Dotun Adeboye:

Network Name: Tent-making Strategy Development Networks
Main Thrust:
Considering the unfriendly environment of missions in Africa, several of our staff will age before their age. The main thrust of this network is to put together a crop of seasoned finance and business experts who help the Nigerian missions movement with thought through and practical ways to invest for our missionaries; to help set up a clear cut retirement plan for adoption by interested agencies and to fashion out Nigerian related ways to get more missionaries in and from the market place to work in the 10/40 windows and the areas of emphasis of Vision50:15.
Chairman – Panya Baba:
Secretary – Samson Ajetomobi:

Network Name: Youth and Students Commission
Main Thrust:
The network will commence as a think tank that will rally youths, ensure that the Nigeria Missions Movement creates appropriate dimension of missions� information and opportunities and sets the stage for inflow of new missionaries from among our youths.
Chairman – Yomi Oladeji:
Secretary – Bala Usman:

Network Name: Member Care Development Network
Main Thrust:
This Network gives clear input into and ameliorate the attrition trend in the Nigeria missions and possibly fashion out ways to help CEOs to be pragmatic and stay fresh in their missions leadership; investigate and address member care most felt need in the Nigerian Missions Movement; to help NEMA come up with MemberCare agenda for the missions movements in Nigeria.
Chair – Hannah Olonade:
Secretary – Bill Foute:

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