Overview of Gofest O8


Redemption Camp, Lagos-Ibadan Express Way, near Lagos, Nigeria
Easter Weekend, Wed. 19th to Mon. 24th March, 2008



Yemi Ayodele: Senior Pastor, Church of the Nations, Houston Texas.

Ryan Shaw: Lead facilitator of Student Volunteer Movement 2(SVM2), an international network of students, leaders, churches, and organisations serving a grassroots of mission movement among today’s emerging generation.

Ferdinand Nweke: The Coordinator of Eternity ministry a medical Doctor by training.

Peter Maiden: The International Coordinator of Operation Mobilisation and an associate of George Verwer.

Gideon Para-Mallam: Former National Director of NIFES and the Associate Regional Secretary of IFES-EPSA

Timothy Olonade: The Executive Secretary of NEMA.
Gabriel Barau: The Director of Missionary Crusader Ministries and the present Chairman of NEMA.

DEVOTION (Words of Wisdom) was brought every Morning by notable leaders:

The programme for each day was anchored by

Emmanuel Akpo – The National Director of the Fellowship of Christian Students (FCS)

Dotun Adeboye – The Director of Training of Christian Missionary Foundation.

Yomi Oladeji – The Chairman of the Youth and Missions Commission and the National Director of Scripture Union Nigeria

Bala Usman – The Secretary of Youth and Missions Commission and the Director of Missions of the Nigeria Fellowship of Evangelical Students (NIFES).

Julius Iroha – The Head of administration of Charismatic Renewal Ministries and Chairman of Gofest 08 National Planning committee.

Gbenga Akintola -Baptist Student Fellowship


Over 70 Church leaders and pastors, Missions leaders and Missionaries from more than one hundred churches and agencies led the seminar, counsel participants and ministered in divers ways during the event.

Exhibition and Outreach

Resource, Exhibition, Bibles and books
Several leading missionary organizations, Seminaries, Theological colleges and Schools of missions from around Nigeria displayed their work, opportunities and challenges of the various calls God has given them.
Books were donated by George Verwer an Paul Bothwick to the participants!

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