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This is the first Go Festival organised in Nigeria

Theme: MISSIONS: The unfinished task of the Church
Date: 10th to 16th of September, 1988
Venue: The Redemption Camped Camp, Lagos/Ibadan Road.

It was the first of its kind and a unique event involving different Churches and Student Bodies:
Nigeria Fellowship Of Evangelical Students (NIFES),
Calvary Ministries,
Christian Evangelical Social Movement Of Nigeria And Its Missionary Arm Christian Missionary Foundation (CESM/CMF),
Scripture Union,
Living Faith Ministries,
Christ The Redeemer Ministries.
These all gathered together, forgetting their differences and their respective backgrounds to focus on missions the unfinished task of the church in a six day programme, attended by well over two thousand participants from within and outside Nigeria. It was indeed a time spent considering the unique privileges bestowed upon the church in Nigeria, the challenges, and responsibilities we have in taking the gospel to all the nations of Africa.
Rev Yemi Ayodele, Austin Uchachi and Peter Ozodo provided leadership for the event and NIFES provided the platform for its execution. NIFES sacrificed its annual national conference to make this event a reality.As Brother Femi Adeleye, the NIFES General Secretary, rightly said during his exposition on the book of Jonah, It is the first time that we all are coming together in spite of our different ministries, backgrounds, and mode of operations, to acknowledge and recognize the task the Lord had committed into our hands  that of fulfilling the Great Commission. This was corroborated by Dr. Olofin, Chairman NIFES, who in a brief address stressed that we need to work hand in hand, combining our resources to effectively carry out the unfinished task of the church. We need to harness our resource distinct components of the same body of Christ, realizing that we do not constitute the entirety of the body of Christ, but a part which is vital and requires the support of other parts in order to function effectively. We should emphasize more on the things that unite us that the things that divide us. He prayed that this new concept of unity will diffuse through the conference to the wider church.
Brother Peter Ozodo, Chairman, Planning Committee of the GO-FESTIVAL, commended the spirit of unity that was so pervasive ministries, and blessed God that the programme went on hitch free in the entire duration of the conference.

Talks and Expositions

The conference was in three phases. The first phase was the talks and expositions given by experienced and seasoned speakers in the field of missions and evangelism.
The plenary session speakers included
Dr. S.O. Odunaike. (Vice- President for Africa, World Vision International),
Femi Adeleye,
Rev. Larry Montgomery,
Reuben Ezemadu.
The second phase was the training programmes,workshops and seminars on wide range to topics on
Mission Awareness.
Short Term Missions in Africa.
Missions in Style,
the Local Church in missions,
Raising Support for Missionaries,
Sigles in Missions,
Tent Making Missionary, and
Missions and Rural Development.
The various seminar topics were handled by
Bro. Reuben Ezemadu,
Niyi Gbade,
Moses Aransiola,
Femi Adeleye,
Austen Ukachi,
Gbile Akani,
Larry Montgomery,
Yemi Ayodele ,
Prof. Isaac Sodeye.
The workshop speakers included
Bro. Bayo Famonure,
Matthew Owojaiye,
Ebuna Ofodile,
Pade Tokun,
Sis. Lois Fuller,
Sis. Tayo Jeje and
Tunde Adeleye among others.
This phase afforded the conference participants the opportunity to know more about the areas of their interests and callings in missions.

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