Does your church or agency wonder which people group to engage with the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ, what mission needs to pray for, who the need test people groups the earth are and how best you can deploy your resources to impact the unreached peoples of the world? Then catch Vision 5015. Vision 5015 is the Nigerian Church and mission movement’s effort to mobilize 50, 000 Great Commission believers and advocates, train, send and support 15,000 of them to 34 carefully selected countries beginning with the Core North of Nigeria, through Gateway to North Africa. North Africa, Horn of Africa, Arabian Peninsula all the way to the Jerusalem neighbourhood. A two-hour presentation on vision 50/15 can be a refreshing, vision impacting component of your Church mission week and your agencies mission awareness conferences, call today and Join the Senior Advocates for the Nations (SAN) and be on mission, with the Almighty in this strategic initiative of the Nigerian church.

Vision 5015 is a divine call that can be actualized with Prayers, Planning and Action, as God renews a vision for the unreached, as the global church joins with Nigeria and as every participating church/ministry does its own bit in 15 years.

vis5015Corporate Involvement

* Take a Tour of Some of the Countries
* Organize regular prayers
* Support the Production cost of Initial Publicity/Promotional Materials
* Support Training and Placement of Candidates from your church
* Provide Platform for Expression of this Vision up to the Professional Association.

Mobilization Manual For Vision 5015 available for download here

Individual Involvement

1. Pray! Say and agree with God – ‘Yes!’ It can be done (Eph.6:18, 1 Thess.5:17)
2. Understand and Integrate this strategic vision into your ministry/church programme
3. Create a platform for its realization in your church/ministry
a. Vision 5015 Club
b. Vision 5015 Offerings
4. Visit any of the Vision Coverage Countries – Be bold and fearless yet wise (Acts 2:14-36, 13-14, 16-20, 22-28)
5. Engage Citizens of Vision Countries where ever you meet them- Live as ‘Salt & Light’ within the Community (Matt.5:13-16)
6. Adopt a Vision 5015 Nation or Tribe or Language – serve the global church (1 Cor.1:27-30)
7. Make Financial Sacrifice to NEMA to spread this Vision
8. Obey the ‘Great Commission’ -Consider directly going to any of this nations. (Matt.28:19-20) in the spirit of the ‘Great Command’

Global Involvement

* NEMA is looking for Professionals hands: Researchers, Strategists, Missiologists, Mobilizers, Development Specialists, Communicators, Writers/Journalists, Documentarians, Publishers,
* Prayer Warriors
* Around the Clock Around the Globe
* Partners and Donors for capital, operational and logistic assistance

Mobilization Manual For Vision 5015 available for download here

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