vis5015Vision 5015 is a divine call that can be actualized with Prayers, Planning and Action, as God renews a vision for the unreached, as the global church joins with Nigeria and as every participating church/ministry does its own bit in 15 years.

Corporate Involvement

* Take a Tour of Some of the Countries
* Organize regular prayers
* Support the Production cost of Initial Publicity/Promotional Materials
* Support Training and Placement of Candidates from your church
* Provide Platform for Expression of this Vision up to the Professional Association.

Individual Involvement

1. Pray! Say and agree with God – ‘Yes!’ It can be done (Eph.6:18, 1 Thess.5:17)
2. Understand and Integrate this strategic vision into your ministry/church programme
3. Create a platform for its realization in your church/ministry
a. Vision 5015 Club
b. Vision 5015 Offerings
4. Visit any of the Vision Coverage Countries – Be bold and fearless yet wise (Acts 2:14-36, 13-14, 16-20, 22-28)
5. Engage Citizens of Vision Countries where ever you meet them- Live as ‘Salt & Light’ within the Community (Matt.5:13-16)
6. Adopt a Vision 5015 Nation or Tribe or Language – serve the global church (1 Cor.1:27-30)
7. Make Financial Sacrifice to NEMA to spread this Vision
8. Obey the ‘Great Commission’ -Consider directly going to any of this nations. (Matt.28:19-20) in the spirit of the ‘Great Command’

Global Involvement

* NEMA is looking for Professionals hands: Researchers, Strategists, Missiologists, Mobilizers, Development Specialists, Communicators, Writers/Journalists, Documentarians, Publishers,
* Prayer Warriors
* Around the Clock Around the Globe
* Partners and Donors for capital, operational and logistic assistance

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