General Assembly (GA)

The General Assembly consists of three official/accredited delegates at National Annual General Assembly for “Full members” while Associates shall be entitled to two, and Special Members shall have one.

The General Assembly (GA) is the highest policy making body of NEMA. GA meets at least once a year
GA is deemed properly constituted if two third of the member bodies are in attendance. It approves the Constitution and any amendment to the Constitution. It gives the final interpretation of the Constitution when the need arises.
It receives recommendation for and ratify the appointment or replacement. It elects the National Executive Committee and approve the replacement  of the Executive Secretary.
It receives the annual reports of the Association. The GA appoints auditors, receive and approve the Audited Accounts of the. It approves the Budget of the Association. It elects the National Executive Committee and approve the replacement and appointment of the members of the Board of Trustees. It exercises the final authority on matters of discipline, and finally It also solicits or raise funds for the operations of the Association.