BAIS is a mission training Programme for serving missionaries or Christian workers who due to the busyness of their work may not be able to take out one year at a stretch to attend a formal mission training. It is a modular training with the flexibility of working and learning simultaneously.

Christian Mission is dynamic, therefore Christian workers must keep abreast of current trends in the global mission’s landscape. In today’s ever-changing ministry and cultural contexts, BAIS affords mission practitioners an opportunity to consistently acquire skills and develop attitudes needed to competently engage their work.

In addition, many denominations and mission agencies across Nigeria and Africa today require applicant missionaries and other Christian workers to provide recognized degrees and certificates as an evidence that they have had a formal mission training. BAIS is designed for that purpose!

BAIS aims to provide a refresher mission training for participants that will develop their capacity to competently engage their work in an ever-changing ministry and cultural context.

There are 6 modules spread across three years. Two modules per year; May-June & October-November.

Students can expect 25 – 30 hours per week in course work, with significant level of reading, writing and reading reflections. At the end of the second year, each participant will engage in one-month Practicum, involving three-week field work and one-week report-writing. BAIS takes place in community. Thus, besides classroom learning, there will be other activities such as participation in corporate devotions, group discussions, sharing of ministry experiences and timelines, etc. NEMI’s BAIS is affiliated to the Bethany International University (BIU) Singapore.
At the end of the BAIS participants will:

  1. Be refreshed and renewed in passion to take greater risk for the kingdom of God,
  2. Develop their capacity to competently engage their work, and
  3. Be able to act based on new concepts, skills, or attitudes right amid their ministry activities.

Who can apply?

 In-service Missionaries, Church Leaders, Mission Directors and Directors of Christian Organizations from church denominations and mission agencies across the country and beyond;
 Christian workers who desire the knowledge of God’s Mission and its implications for their day-to-day professional lives;
 Graduates of the NEMI FTCM or any other NEMA approved Cross-cultural mission training programme across the country, who had spent a minimum of one year of missionary service in a
cross-cultural context; and
 other interested persons/groups.

All participants are required to be resident in the camp, exceptions under unique circumstances may be made to this.

Venue: NEMI camp, Mista Ali, Tippo Corner, along Zaria road, Jos, Plateau State, Nigeria.

Contact us today on: Tel: +234 703 522 3243, +234 803 435 3689