Who can Apply?

  1. Prospective missionary candidates from church denominations and mission agencies across the country and beyond, seeking to be equipped for effective engagement in God’s mission across cultures;
  2. Individuals on their way to the mission fields but are without any prior exposure to mission;
  3. Graduates of the NEMI En-Route awaiting admission into Bible, Theological or other institutions; and
  4. other interested persons/groups.


Venue: NEMI camp, Mista Ali, Tippo Corner, along Zaria road, Jos, Plateau State, Nigeria
All participants are required to be resident in the camp, no exception to this, please.

Tel: +234 703 522 3243, +234 803 435 3689

Email: nemitoday@gmail.com

Foundation Training For Cross-Cultural Ministry

FTCM concentrates on cross-cultural mission training, it is not a substitute for study in theology and Bible, which should be done by the prospective missionary elsewhere.

What it includes

Thus, it includes development in three key areas namely; gaining fresh Biblical insights and ideas about God and His mission; developing mature
emotion, attitudes and godly character; and developing relationship skills across cultures. It is an essential foundational equipping for long-term missionary work in a cross-cultural context.

About the Programme

FTCM is a one-year certificate course that runs through September of one year to August of the next or from January to December. It comprises relevant mission-logical courses such as: Biblical Foundations of Mission;
History of Mission; Missionary Interpersonal Relationships; Cross-Cultural Communications (CCC); Demons, Witchcraft, and Spiritual Warfare; Principles of Language Acquisition, Missionary Approach to Islam, Christian Community Development (CCD), Ethnographic Research; Cultural Anthropology; etc.
It also includes a four-month Practicum. NEMI’s FTCM is a must-take for all prospective missionary candidates across the nations, and it is affiliated to the Bethany International University (BIU) Singapore.

Stream 1: September
Stream 2: January

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