Perspective Study Programme

Perspectives on the World Christian Movement has come to be known in Nigeria as Perspectives Study programme (PSP). It is a seven- day long intensive, life- transforming and a ministry- impacting training course, organized by the NEMA in conjunction with the United States Centre for World Missions. (USCWM)

Global Engagement Training

Do you desire your church to be an agent of transformation? Do you want your church to be more strategic and effective in reaching people for Christ across the street and across the Sea? Then the 6-hours Global Engagement Training is what you need

Tent Making Training

Billy Graham once said that the next great move of God is going to belli rough the believers In the market place. Tent-making has becomes viable strategy for taking the Gospel to most resistant places. Are you considering using your profession or engaging in a business as a platform to do missions? Then, NEMA’s training on Making Your Way to the Nations will definitely set you on course. This training is available for churches, mission agencies, professional/business bodies, campus.

Clergy Dinner

This is a forum that brings together heads of churches and denominations in a bid to inform them on the service arm roles of N EM A to the Church towards fulfilling the Great Commission, The clergy dinner is a two-three hour fellowship that enables Pastors and de no ml national heads discover how they can be served to increase their fruitfulness in the Great Commission.

National Mobilsation Training

Are you a mission mobiliser? Are you a pastor? Do you desire to assist congregations to be truly light for the rest of the world and not only a light within their own church? Then you need the National Mobilising Training. NEMA in conjunction with Kingfisher Mobilising Center offers this strategic training.

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Pastor Victor Idakwoji
National Coordinator Mobilization and Networking

Mobilization & Networking

  • NEMA mobilises the leadership of the Nigerian church for a fresh awareness and engagement in missions through:

    • Leadership development programmes,
    • Specialized training in missions for Church leaders and missions CEOs and
    • Strategy Development scheme for churches and agencies.

Encounter the World of Islam

In a world threatened by Islamic driven insurgency and terrorism; can we still engage Muslims? Can we find motivation to pray for Muslims? How can you show the love of Jesus lo our Muslim friends? Can we disciple Muslim background believers? Find answers to all your questions about the world of Islam and be equipped to reach Muslims Encountering the World of Islam (EWI) challenges complacency and apathy towards one of the last remaining giants on the threshold of completing the task of world evangelism. NEMA also offers other exposure and training programs with resources on Muslim evangelism.


Does your church or agency wonder which people group to en gage with the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ, what mission needs to pray for, who the need test people groups the earth are and how best you can deploy your resources to impact the un-reached peoples of the world? Then catch Vision 5015. Vision 5015 is the Nigerian Church and mission movement’s effort to mobilize 50, 000 Great Commission believers and advocates, train, send and support 15,000 of them to 34 carefully selected countries beginning with the Core North of Nigeria, through Gateway to North Africa. North Africa, Horn of Africa, Arabian Peninsula  all the way to the Jerusalem neighbourhood. A two-hour presentation on vision 50/15 can be a refreshing, vision impacting component of your Church mission week and your agencies mission awareness conferences, call today and Join the Senior Advocates for the Nations (SAN) and be on mission, with the Almighty in this strategic initiative of the Nigerian church.