NEMI En-route

En-Route: “on or along the way when you are going to a place”

NEMI En-route

En-Route is a five-module in three months’ Mission Training run to prepare participants for Cross- cultural ministry. In NEMI, we believe that education is holistic and that it should lead to transformation of the individual, the family, the society, the nation and the entire world. Through the En Route, participants will be exposed to this ethos from the kick-off to the conclusion. All courses are taken in a modular format with the first module serving as a foundation for the rest.

Participants should expect to get concise teachings on the Cross-Centred Life, God’s Big Story, Foundations of Christian Doctrines, History of Missions, Overview of the Perspectives on the World Christian Movement Course, Culture and World Religions, Understanding your Call and Strategies of Church Planting across Cultures, etc. The training includes assignments, group discussions, case studies and a field trip exposure.


to equip people within a group context for effective service in God’s Mission across the cultures.


  1. Venue: NEMI, Mista Ali, Tippo Corner, Mista Ali, along Zaria road, Jos, Plateau State, Nigeria.
    Note: To be resident in camp is required for those coming from outside Jos, but for those in Jos and its environ, it is optional.

At the end of the training participants will be able to:

(1) make Christ-honoring decisions and fulfill God’s purpose for their lives; 

(2) use what is learnt to
train/teach others;

(3) use what is learnt to make their church denomination or mission agency more missional.

Duration: 12 weeks.
(Stream 1: January; Stream 2: July

Who can apply?

  1. Young Senior Secondary School Certified leavers awaiting admission into tertiary institutions.
  2. Individuals interested in Mission Training but are without any prior exposure to mission.
  3. Ministry leaders and any believer in Christ who can’t put in one year at a stretch for Mission
  4. Other interested persons/groups.

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