This department is charged with the running of the Headquarters operations as well as performing administrative, secretarial, financial, accounting and personnel management functions for the Association. It is to facilitate the planning and hosting of meetings, trainings and consultations of the Headquarters. This department also oversees human resource management, administration, supervision of structural development including assets and project management, finance and accounting roles including evolving and implementing strategies for mobilizing financial resources and partnership for the sustenance of the association’s vision. The department functions in two units namely Finance and Accounting unit, headed by a Finance Secretary and Administration/Personnel Unit, headed by an Administrative Secretary. The departmental head is to primarily supervise these two-unit heads who co-ordinates the Finance and Personnel Administration respectively.
Training of the Department of Finance and Administration
Missions and Church Administrators Training Workshop

They are missionaries but they are seldom seen as such. They are a vital link in the whole Missions chains but their contributions are not often acknowledged as such. Little or no investment is made to strengthen or give them a cutting edge in the very important role they play in the Missions
enterprise. These are Missions administrator. They serve as the link between the base and the field, they keep the machinery of Missions going, their roles are vital both to the Missions leaders who lead and spear head Mission work and to the frontline Missionaries who are the foot men on the frontline.

The Missions Administrators Workshop is a 3-day seminar for Missions Administrator, Missions Accountant, Church Administrators and all those involved in facilitating the Missions enterprise to refresh and equip them with cutting edge skills to excel in their roles to lubricate the engine of Mission work for effective output.

Please feel free to call/email:
Olanihun Adegbite
National Coordinator Finance and Administration Department.