Relief and Rehabilitation

In her commitment to full expression of integral mission, NEMA encourages and executes relief and rehabilitation ministries. This became necessary especially with the increase in humanitarian crisis across the countries. Most of the harvest fields are faced with issues of intense persecution, banditry, insurgency, poverty, poor sanitation etc. NEMA is committed to assessing the needs, doing advocacy, mobilizing resources, identifying direct victims and responding to their challenges, trauma healing etc.

To the glory of God, NEMA’s Relief and Rehabilitation Unit has been able to provide start-ups funds for over 100 widows who were victims of insurgency in the Northeast. It has facilitated provision of educational resources for children also in the region. The unit has provided immediate response in provision of relief materials for victims of attacks in the Northwest and North central region. Some persecuted brethren have also been encouraged and worked through trauma healing. Here are a few impact stories:

Mrs. Kolo, who is over 60 years was supported with the sum of Twenty Thousand Naira to start up a business. She was able to start selling Mandara (a locally made snack) in her village and from the proceed was able to construct a make shift accommodation for herself, her granddaughter who was just released from Boko Haram captivity with her three kids. They all live on the proceed of what they get daily from the sale of this Mandara. Seeing her dedication to her business we were able to raise another sum of Twenty Thousand for her to support her farm project.

Mrs. Saratu, a 30years of old also live in Konduga with her children. Through the little startup we gave her, she started selling Kunu (a locally made drinks). The business is growing and from there she is able to take care of her family and also send them to school.

We also responded to the need for food for survivors and returnees from IDP camp in Maiduguri and Southern Kaduna. We provided food items for households and cash support to 20 widows after taking them through Trauma Healing training.