It was a glorious and impact-ful time before the Lord as Nigerian Missionaries gathered at Kwali, Federal Capital Territory, Abuja, Nigeria for the NEMA Field Missionary Retreat.

Seventeen years after the last gathering of missionaries for a renewing encounter at the feet of the Lord of the harvest, the Nigeria Evangelical Missions Association (NEMA) organized another Field Missionaries Retreat which held from July 9-13, 2019 at the NIFES Campground, Kwali, FCT Abuja. The theme of the retreat was Renewed for Kingdom Advance.

Participation at the Retreat was huge. Participants came from as near as Kwali, FCT for missionaries reaching the Fulanis, to as far flung places as the North East region of Maiduguri, Borno state, where the Boko Haram insurgency is raging for missionaries reaching the Kanuris. Missionaries also came from far places as Kebbi, Jigawa and the heart of the Niger Delta of Warri and beyond.Moreover, participants were recorded from all Geo-political zones of the country and a few from some foreign fields. A total of 1138 missionaries drawn from 166 denominations and mission agencies graced the meeting.

Highlights of the retreat included: soul inspiring plenaries, capacity building workshops, fire igniting revival hours, insightful bible expositions, heaven touching worship sessions and much more. Participants also had the opportunity to interact with co-labourers in similar harvest/service grounds through the field/ministry breakout sessions. Over 50 missionary facilitators (both local and international) were on ground to lead various sessions of the meeting.
Missionaries were hosted in a serene environment that encouraged solitude and reflection. More so, participating missionaries were given three square meals during the course of the four day meeting. Besides, there was free medical services including free medical tests for missionaries.

Furthermore, some missions resources were distributed to participating churches and agencies.

The impact of the meeting could only be expressed better by participants, many of whom could not but share of the refreshing touch that the meeting brought to their lives and ministries. Many re-dedicated their lives and as well renewed their commitments to the Master’s business. Many got encouraged to forge ahead with the task while others testified to a refreshing encounter with the Lord. Many could not hide their excitement at the meeting and wished it could happen annually.

Our sincere appreciation goes to all who made this meeting a huge success those who prayed, those who gave, those who laboured tirelessly, those who ensured that all things went well and everyone who played one role or the other; our prayer is that you will remain relevant in God’s eternal plan.

Rising from this meeting, our joy knows no bound knowing that God still has His men and women breaking frontiers and reaping sheaves from among the Unreached. We therefore encourage you not to relent in your kingdom service and support for the Lord’s business. The meeting also confirmed that with huge support for our front-line missionaries and missionaries serving in support roles, we will get the work done in time.
May the Lord continue to count on you.


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