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Finance & Administration

This department is charged with the running of the Headquarters operations as well as performing administrative, secretarial, financial, accounting and personnel management functions for the Association. It is to facilitate the planning and hosting of meetings, trainings and consultations of the Headquarters. This department also oversees human resource management, administration, supervision of structural development including assets and project management, finance and accounting roles including evolving and implementing strategies for mobilizing financial resources and partnership for the sustenance of the association’s vision. The department functions in two units namely Finance and Accounting unit, headed by a Finance Manager and Administration/Personnel Unit, headed by an Administrative Secretary.

For more info, contact,
Adeoluwa Felix Olanrewaju, PhD
Director of Finance and Administration.

Media and Innovation

NEMA’s Department of Media and Resource Development designs, packages, and acquires relevant mission resource materials for individual or corporate operational use so as to increase the speed of the harvest. Our goal is to ensure access to quality information and mobilization resources to aid missionaries, their leaders and churches in their quest to explore, engage and advance world evangelism.

For more info, contact,
Taiwo Samuel
Ag. Director of Media and Resource Development.

Mobilization & Networking

NEMA mobilises the leadership of the Nigerian church for a fresh awareness and engagement in missions through:
Leadership development programmes,
Specialized training in missions for Church leaders and missions CEOs and
Strategy Development scheme for churches and agencies.

For more info, contact,
Pastor Victor Idakwoji
Director, Mobilization and Networking

Monitoring, Evaluation, Learning & Research

NEMA’s MELR department provides up to date data on the state of the harvest beginning from Nigeria and to the rest of the world. It also works on best engagement strategies for the harvest. It’s a crucial department in the operations of NEMA, as it is also responsible for the Monitoring and Evaluation of Nigeria Missions labours.

For more info, contact,
Bolarinwa Oluwole
Ag. Director of Monitoring, Evaluation, Learning & Research

Training & Manpower Development

We provide training in all ramifications through the National Training Center – the Nigeria Evangelical Missionary Institute (NEMI), the training arm of NEMA commissioned to mobilize, encourage, equip, provide practical training in cross- cultural ministry and skills that will enhance the effectiveness of missionaries from and within Nigeria.

For more info, contact,
Rev. Musa Kasuwa
Director of Training & Manpower Development;

Learn more about our training arm here → Nigeria Evangelical Missions Institute (NEMI)

Bible Translation and Scripture Engagement

The department is saddled with facilitating the availability of the Scriptures in the heart languages of needy groups as well as catalysing effective Scriptures engagement towards the end of multiplying disciples, especially among unreached peoples. The department works with established Bible Translation Organisations, support groups and NEMA member agencies to achieve its purpose of ending Scripture poverty.

For more info, contact,
Pastor James Enemakwu Ajeka,
Director of Bible Translation and Scripture Engagement
+234 803 286 4360

Member Care

NEMA places high premium on the welfare of her members and gospel labourers in general. The Member Care department, thus, provides emotional, mental, and spiritual support for member agencies and their missionaries. The department also renders services in pastoral care, counseling, and human resource development. Through the Member Care department, member agencies and missionaries’ needs are holistically catered for.

For more info, contact,
Director of Finance and Administration