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Perspective on the World Christian Movement (PSP)

The Perspectives Study Program provides a single, most comprehensive source of information on the unfinished task of world evangelization. It is a dynamic, internationally respected 15 module study program developed by the Frontier Fellowship USA. This course is designed for Church and Mission leaders/ practitioners, Christian professionals/Students and in fact every Christian that seeks to be strategically relevant to God’s global purpose.

We invite you to you to take this 15-module course in two contacts of 7 days each or the intensive version in 7 days covering the Biblical, Historical, Cultural and Strategic Perspectives. Join the biggest mission’s movement of all time as seasoned facilitators guide, instruct, enlighten and motivate you to examine world evangelization from a compelling perspective.

Strategic Training on Engaging the Muslims (STEM)

In a world threatened by Islamic driven insurgency and terrorism; can we still engage Muslims? Can we find motivation to pray for Muslims? How can you show the love of Jesus to our Muslim friends? Can we disciple Muslim background believers? Find answers to all your questions about the world of Islam and be equipped to reach Muslims.

Strategic Training on Engaging the Muslims (STEM) challenges complacency and apathy towards one of the last remaining giants on the threshold of completing the task of world evangelization.

NEMA also offers other exposure and training programs with resources on Muslim evangelism.

Global Engagement Training (GET)

Global Engagement Training prepares you and your church to mobilize, deploy and engage the unreached peoples of the world. It challenges and enables your church to grow in its value to God’s global cause right from your Jerusalem through to the ends of the earth.

Glimpse the heartbeat of the Missionary God and the world He loves, and be on mission with Him in this three-day dynamic mission and evangelism training. Enroll your Church today!

Tent-Making Training (TMT)

Billy Graham once said that the next great move of God is going to be through the believers in the marketplace. Tent-making has become a viable strategy for taking the Gospel to the most resistant places.

Are you considering using your profession or engaging in a business as a platform to do missions? Then, NEMA’s training on Working your Way To The Nations will definitely set you on course. This training is available for Churches, Missions agencies, Professional, business bodies, campus students etc.

Disciple Making Movement (DMM)

The key to finishing the task is seeing kingdom movements happen among the unreached and the unengaged. How may this happen in your ministry labours? How do you make disciples that make other disciples? How do you facilitate Discovery Bible Studies that has a multiplying effect? How do you ensure that disciples are obedient to the Word?

Are these your questions and more? Enlist in DMM Training, you will be glad you did.

Church/Missions Administrators’ Training Workshop

The Church/Missions Administrators Seminar is a 4-day seminar for Missions Administrators, Missions Accountants, Church Administrators and all those involved in facilitating the Missions enterprise to refresh and equip them with cutting-edge skills to excel in their roles to lubricate the engine of Mission work for effective output.

The workshop typically covers a wide range of topics related to administrative management, including communication and interpersonal skills, organizational planning and strategy, financial management, human resources management, project management, and performance evaluation.

Participants may also receive training on specialized software and technology tools commonly used in administration. It also creates a network and forum for cross- pollination of ideas among church and mission administrators in Nigeria.

Timothy Leadership Training (TLT)

Equipping local leaders for missions is one of the ways NEMA works to spread the gospel throughout the world. Timothy Leadership Training has equipped thousands of local pastors and lay leaders, and the Holy Spirit has worked powerfully through these leaders to transform the lives of individuals and entire communities!

Leaders who participate in Timothy Leadership Training are always excited to put what they learn into practice—and because of that, people have come to know Christ, churches have grown to be stronger and more sustainable, and entire communities benefit from development projects.

Timothy Leadership Training is a curriculum of our partner and NEMA facilitate the seven modules in two contacts trainings with local pastors and lay leaders.

Clergy Dinner

This is a forum that brings together heads of Churches and denominations in a bid to inform them on the service arm roles of NEMA to the Church towards fulfilling the Great Commission. The clergy dinner is a two-three hour fellowship that enables Pastors and denominational heads discover how they can be served to increase their fruitfulness in the Great Commission.


NEMA holds periodic consultations that center on strategic issues and engagements. Such consultations usually involve bringing together stakeholders to converse, strategise, commit and send forth to engage a focus/foci. These range from concentration on priority unreached people groups, peculiar development in mission, mission leadership, envisioning etc.

Global Impact Travail (Pray for Missions)

In recognition of the place of effectual intercession in the Church’s soul-saving witness to a lost world and borne out of a determination to accelerate the thrusting forth of labourers to the unengaged harvest fields of the world as well as align with God’s global purpose to extend the blessings of the Gospel to the remaining unreached families of the earth, we are dedicated to interceding for the Nations of the world.

We meet in person every third Thursday of the month from 4pm to 5:30pm at NEMA Headquarters 91, Rayfield Road, Jos.

This concerted missions prayer meeting is also streamed live on Zoom, Telegram and our other social media platforms. Join us as we travail together until the nations of the earth are brought forth on their knees in worship before the Lamb.