The Ramadan Moon sets, but the Harvest continues. Will you join the harvest force?

As the golden crescent moon dips below the horizon, marking the end of Ramadan, a different kind of light shines brightly – the light of opportunities. This Holy Month has been a time of reflection and spiritual growth for our Muslim cousins, and as Christians, we see a chance to sow seeds of understanding and perhaps, even witness the harvest of faith.

Many Muslims are more open to spiritual conversations after Ramadan. Their hearts are softened by prayer and focused on their connection to God. This presents a unique opportunity for us to build bridges of friendship and share the love of Christ.

The harvest is plentiful and God is still actively recruiting men for the harvest of the nation, most importantly among muslims. Consider the abundance of souls waiting to hear the life-transforming message of Christ, waiting to experience the freedom found in His love. The fields are ripe with hearts ready to receive the good news of salvation. Will you be one of the labourers, willing to join the mighty harvest force that God is assembling for this crucial season?

Will you commit to being a labourer in this abundant harvest?

Here are three simple steps you can take:

  1. Pray: Continue to fervently pray for our Muslims. Pray for divine encounters, softened hearts, and the revelation of Christ’s love to permeate their lives.
  2. Build Relationships: Actively engage with your Muslim neighbours, co-workers, or friends. Building genuine relationships creates a bridge for the love of Christ to flow naturally.
  3. Share Your Testimony: Your personal journey with Christ is a powerful testimony. Share it with others, including your Muslim friends, and let them witness the transformation that can occur through a relationship with Jesus.

Please pray:

  • Thank the Lord for the success of this year’s Ramadan and this prayer initiative.
  • Pray that God will spur your heart to be involved in the harvest of Muslims around you.
  • Ask God for grace to live right and model Christ to your Muslim neighbours.
  • Ask for open doors for you to take your Muslim friends on the journey of discovering more about Jesus.

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