December Newsletter

The People will see a Great LIGHT
“The people who walk in darkness will see a great light; those who live in a dark land the light will shine on them”. Isaiah 9:2 (NASB). 
Prophet Isaiah was called to prophesy of the great Deliverer, Who would save His people from their sins. The people of Israel were deep in sin and walking in darkness and gloom, but Isaiah spoke of a coming Messiah, who would be the Light of the world to the people who walked in darkness. He would give light to every human being coming into the world.  
The Light Isaiah spoke of was to shine even more brightly beyond the inhabitants of Galilee, who would be the first to witness Incarnate Light walking through their land. The Light was to embrace every man, woman, and child, born into this world. It was to be a Light that extended back to a time before the world was created and it was to be a magnificent Light that reached forward into eternity. It was to be a Light that would illuminate the dark blackness that envelops the world.
The world and Nigeria in particular, just like Israel then, live in a state of deep darkness. The mind of the people is loaded with sin, enchained in unbelief, and blinded by ignorance and death is the only exit as our sad end. We all seek spiritual illumination that would bring in its wake light and life, salvation and peace, fulfillment, love, and hope. But there is none to be found outside the Person of the Lord Jesus and His sacrificial work on the Cross…

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