Topic: Take Off the Barrier

Text: 2 Kings 5:1


Naaman did exploit. He was a great man. Naaman was a man of rank. He was a man who brought glory to his nation. He saved his nation and God helped him. BUT He was a leper. He needed help and he needed God as much as his people needed him. You are needed today for His Kingdom service. The question is, do you have a limiting “But”?


We cannot win the world by being timid, weak, frail or feeble. As a believer, nothing should stand as a barrier in serving the Master. If we are to conquer the devil, we must remove every limitation of leprosy like Naaman did and face the duty. Having a heart for the heart and then carrying a “but” aren’t compatible.


May we stand up and stand out for the Kingdom. More people are dying. There is a need for rescue. May the Lord redirect your step this year to be valiant for Him and for His Kingdom. It is no time to carry impediments around. There is still more exploits to be done. The good news is that Naaman got rid of the limiting leprosy. We must get rid of every limitation confronting us as well.


It is no time to find excuses for the “but”. It will limit your relevance in what the Lord wants to do through you. Are you a pastor, missionary, minister, believer etc. Have you identified a limiting “but”? The Lord is willing to help you but you have got to open up to Him. A potential harvester having a “but” is a major barrier to the harvest. Don’t be the barrier.



  • Ask the Lord to open your eyes to any barrier in you limiting your relevance for the reaping of the harvest.
  • Ask Him to help you to take away every identified barrier.
  • Make a commitment to serve the Lord diligently.


Gabriel Barau

Executive Director, Go International, FCT Abuja

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