Topic: Finishing the Task of the Master

Text: John 4:34; 9:4

The passages under consideration for today are very apt. Jesus expresses His unflinching commitment to His Father’s business. It is about what brings delight to the Father. It is about finishing the task. Winning the lost must become to us as food. Until we feel it as a pang, we would not understand the pain in the Father’s heart and neither are we going to take it serious.

Moreover, we must understand timing. The task of winning the lost would not be forever. There is a time allotted for that. The reality is that we are fast approaching the night and by then, no one would be able to work. A sense of urgency must dawn on us. We can no longer be lethargic. The motivation is that the Lord has gone ahead of us to make the souls of men hungry. Ours is to be willing, ready and available.

As we mark another Month of Missions, it is a timely reminder for us to recommit to the urgency of the task. There must be a fresh commitment of our heart to arise. Would you be willing to say like Jesus that your food is to see the lost saved? Will you be likewise persuaded that the work must be done while it is day? We must repent of every excuses and be reliable harvest-hands of the Master.


  • Lord, cause me to have a sense of urgency as regards finishing the task.
  • Find in me a vessel that you can depend upon for finishing the task.

Rev Musa Kasuwa

Principal, Nigeria Evangelical Missionary Institute (NEMI)

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