Topic: Be at our Father’s Business.

Text: John 4:34

Our theme for this month of mission emphasis is apt: “Heart for the harvest”. It is imperative for whoever would be successful in harvesting souls unto the kingdom to have a heart of the harvest. Harvesting begins with the heart of the harvester. Little wonder Jesus says in Matthew 6:21 “For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also”. The question is how do we treasure the harvest? Is the harvest of souls unto God’s kingdom our priority?

Beloved, the Great Commission is a commission to go and harvest the nations into the kingdom by preaching the gospel of salvation to the saving of souls. How have we obeyed the commission? It is a commission that demands our commitment and we cannot be committed to something that does not appeal to our heart. In John 4, Jesus was initially tired and hungry. However, everything suddenly changed when He had an encounter with the Samaritan woman. The question to ask is: What brought about the change? The heart of Jesus. What was his heart? To do the will of God and to completely finish his work- John 4: 34.

He treasured harvesting souls into God’s kingdom above his physical comfort. Suddenly tiredness and hunger vanished as He engaged Himself with the woman. Beloved people of God, the harvest is here with us. The nations are brought closer to us just as these Samaritans were to Jesus. Let us put away all constraints and get souls harvested into God’s kingdom. In Proverbs 10:5b the Scripture says “He who sleeps in harvest is a son who causes shame.” Jesus would have just gone to sleep because He was tired, exhausted and hungry. He rather chose to do the will of God by reaching out to the woman. We must not be sons who cause shame as we busy ourselves with other things at this time of harvest. Let us not go to sleep but rather be at our duty post harvesting souls into the kingdom.

May God help us to seize the moment and harvest souls into His kingdom. His grace shall be sufficient for us in Jesus’ name.

Rev Dr. Samson Oyeshola Oyekale
Zonal Chairman, NEMA Southwest and President, Missionary Purse Ministry Int’l.

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