Port Harcourt, Rivers State

“For the Lord gives wisdom; from his mouth come knowledge and understanding.” Proverbs 2:6

Port Harcourt, situated in southern Nigeria, is the capital of Rivers state. Nestled along the Bonny River, upstream from the Gulf of Guinea, it was established in 1912 in a region traditionally inhabited by the Ijaw and Ikwere people. The city evolved into a pivotal port, named in honour of Lewis Harcourt, the colonial secretary, following the inauguration of the rail link to the Enugu coalfields in 1916. Today, it stands as one of Nigeria’s foremost industrial centers.

Regarded as the Garden City, Port Harcourt ranks as the third most developed metropolis in Nigeria, trailing behind Lagos and Abuja. Often hailed as Nigeria’s oil capital, it holds a prominent status as the primary oil hub in Africa. A predominantly Christian city with a small presence of African Traditional Worshippers and a minority of Muslims. Many of the Muslim inhabitants are migrants seeking improved livelihoods, and this is daily increasing. Engaged in various occupations such as cobbling, gatekeeping, and small-scale retail, they endeavour to establish significance in their community. PH has fondly called witnessed one of the largest migrations from Northern Nigeria, and the gains of what God is doing should be maximised.

Please pray 

  • Thank God for bringing Muslims from the North into this city, and also for the growth and spread of the gospel therein.
  • That believers and the body of Christ will maximize the opportunity to reach their migrant neighbours.
  • Pray that God will raise labourers for the harvest of seekers in this city as well as for the discipleship of increasing numbers of converts.

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