Azare, Bauchi State

The people which sat in darkness Saw great light; And to them which sat in the region and shadow of death Light is sprung up. Matthew 4:16

Founded in 1803, Mallam Zaki who was put as the head of the town by Usman Danfodio in 1814. Azare, hums with a vibrant energy that reflects its deep-rooted traditions and promising future. Azare town is bordered to the east by Damban and Potiskum and to the south by Misau, in the west by Jama’are, and to the north by Itas/Gadau Local Government Area of Bauchi State. It is the headquarter of Katagum, a traditional emirate in Bauchi State.

A team of young professionals led by Pastor E, felt the necessity and urgency to use their skills for something bigger. A medical outreach program in Azare, a city renowned for its strong Islamic tradition, was recommended. Azare was a far cry from their bustling Lagos life, but the chance to serve a community in need resonated deeply. The following days were a blur of activity. The pharmacists, used their expertise to dispense medication and educate residents on hygiene practices. The doctors, treated patients suffering from a variety of ailments. While the medical team were on with the access ministry, the counselling team laboured alongside, with ceaseless prayers happening.

Beyond their medical duties, they found themselves captivated by Azare’s rich culture and their dire need for Jesus. Evenings were spent in the local church, who hosted them, and other times, visiting to learn about the peoples traditions and daily lives. Despite the language barrier, a sense of shared humanity transcended words.

Leaving Azare, they carried a profound sense of accomplishment and a burden for the breaking forth of God’s light among the people. They had served those in need and built relationships through acts of service and genuine care. They saw Azare not as a place shrouded in darkness, but as a city brimming with potential. They believe in the power of prayer (intercession) but also the importance of collaboration. The team returned to Lagos with a renewed perspective.

Their story is a call to action. Perhaps more future medical outreaches can be organized, partnering with local churches and healthcare providers to ensure sustainability. Educational opportunities and cultural exchange programs can also become an access ministry to extending the Gospel light to the over 90% Muslim population in Azare. By praying and planning for action, the impact can be far-reaching.

Please Pray:

  • That a hunger for spiritual truth will rise among Muslims in Azare, drawing them to seek answers and discover the life-changing message of Christ.
  • For courage and protection for those who choose to follow Christ in Azare. Pray that they be surrounded by a community of believers and experience the unshakable peace that comes from knowing Jesus.
  • That God will guide the leaders of Azare with His He will grant them the discernment to make decisions that promote the well-being of all citizens and foster a sustainable future for the city.

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