Iwo, Osun State

For if you embrace the truth, it will release true freedom into your lives.” John 8:32, TPT

“I am certain that you would get the stuff if you are able to make it in good time to Odo-ori market. It is not much of a distance from Osogbo”, said the kind man who met us while asking for the direction to Iwo. The journey began just after the driver murmured some words that I guessed to be prayers and then he rubbed his palms on his face. The fourteen-seater bus had a bold inscription on the rear glass: “Ayekooto” (meaning the world hates the truth).

One would probably think that the first Sharia court would have been situated in any of the core northern states of Nigeria. In actual fact, Iwo in present day Osun State, Nigeria, holds the record. Iwo also had the first mosque in Yorubaland serving the dual purpose of worship as well as Islamic education. “When we need further guidance on the teachings of the Prophet as contained in the Holy Book, we come down to Iwo, a town of Islamic heritage, blessed with revered scholars of the Muslim faith”, Alfa Abbas commented.

Call it the Medina of Islam in Southwest Nigeria and you would not be wrong; Iwo boasts of several Islamic landmarks. The people are naturally gifted in local trading and commerce. Meet two butchers from Southwest Nigeria, one of them is most predictably from Iwo. They excitedly represent the Muslim faith with either the trademark crescent and star designed taqiyah or with a long tasbih. Acknowledgedly, there has been significant gospel commitment and labours in the town. From the pioneering effort of Baptist missionaries to the Methodist and to current commitments to extending the blessings of redemption to the town dwellers. Today, as we pray for the town and its people, may the Lord reach out to many more bringing them unto Himself.

Please Pray

  • Pray for access to the Truth for the people of Iwo.
  • Ask the Lord to bring full conviction to many who are at the verge of making decision to accept Christ into their lives.
  • Proclaim the freedom Jesus offers to everyone who is still living in bondage and in deception in the town.

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