Topic: Harvesting with Power: The Transformative Role of Prayer

Text: John 4:34         

In the bustling field of missions, where the labourers tirelessly toil for the spiritual harvest, the heartbeat of success echoes in the chambers of prayer. In John 4:34, Jesus declares, “My food is to do the will of Him who sent me and to finish His work” As custodians of God’s mystery, understanding and constant application of the same cannot be overemphasized. Let’s consider a few issues in line with today’s topic.

  1. Praying in alignment with God’s will (John 4: 34).

Jesus, our supreme example in missions, proclaimed that His sustenance was derived from doing the will of the Father.

Prayer becomes a powerful conduct when aligned with God’s purpose. Believers are called and commanded to seek the heart of God in prayer; aligning our petitions with His Divine will for the nations. As we draw near to Him daily in prayer, His desire becomes ours and our prayer gain the potency to shape the harvest for His glory.

  1. Praying for open Doors and Divine Appointment (Colossians 4:2-3)

In the Scripture above, we are encouraged to pray for open doors for the message of Christ, in the vast fields of Nigeria, most especially in the Core North. We encounter diverse barriers and oppositions but we have also seen God mighty interventions as a result of prayer.

Prayer becomes the key to unlocking doors that seem impenetrable. Through prayer, God orchestrates divine appointment paving way for the gospel to be proclaimed effectively.

  1. Praying for laborers and unity (Matthew 9:38)

Jesus instructs us to pray for laborers for the harvest. The mission field is vast, and the laborers are few. Prayer plays a vital role in raising and sustaining workers for the kingdom. Additionally, unity among the laborers is crucial for a harmonious and effective harvest through prayer. The Church can foster a spirit of collaboration, breaking down barriers and working together for bountiful harvest.

  1. Praying for Spiritual Breakthroughs (2 Corinthians 10:4-5)

The obstacles in the spiritual realm are fierce and prayer is our mighty weapon. The Bible talks about our warfare not being of the flesh but mighty through God. Then Church needs to engage in strategic prayer for spiritual breakthrough tearing down strongholds that hinder the reception of the Gospel.


  • Ask God for open doors among the unreached.
  • Ask God to lead us to individuals and communities prepared to receive the Gospel.
  • Intercede for more laborers. Pray for unity among the existing laborers.
  • Declare God’s victory over spiritual strongholds and barriers.

Evang. Samuel Yahaya,

General Coordinator, Global Glorious Missions, Kaduna

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